About Right Choice Inspection Services

Home Inspector Jason Edwards

Jason M. Edwards—Certified Home Inspector

Jason M. Edwards is the owner and home inspector of Right Choice Inspection Services. A huge part of what defines a successful home inspector lies in their ability to earn a client’s trust—a feat that takes consistency, integrity, and dedication. When Jason inspects a home, there’s no question as to whether he’s going to make the homebuying process an easier undertaking for his clients. Jason has rightfully earned a reputation as someone who goes above and beyond to help others, and when you call him to setup an appointment, you can be certain that he’ll do everything possible to make sure that you’re prepared to make a great investment.

Helping You Face the Challenge of Homebuying

For most of his life, Jason has worked in the construction industry, a career path which eventually found him training to become a professional home inspector. Jason has done everything from home improvement and remodeling to system installations, working on countless projects that drove home the finer points of residential and commercial construction. He also worked as a project manager for a flooring specialist, a job that required extensive planning and a detail-oriented work ethic to make each customer’s vision a reality.

We Choose to Do Things Right

At Right Choice Inspection Services, we want each and every customer to feel like their home inspection was a worthwhile experience. When you schedule an inspection with us, Jason will make it clear that communication is one of our core values. Every client is invited to attend their inspection to learn about the home directly, voicing any questions or concerns that may come up. Jason also welcomes phone calls any time after the inspection is over, making himself available to go over any item on your report that needs additional clarification.

Jason and Wife

When he’s not on the job, Jason loves to go camping, hunting, and fishing—traveling with his wife whenever possible so that they can enjoy the outdoors together. Jason is also a big local sports fan, supporting the football and basketball teams at the University of Memphis—go Tigers!


At Right Choice Inspection Services, you can trust us to provide complete, unbiased disclosure of any defective items that we discover during a home inspection. Contact us today to request an appointment.